Research and Development

Subject Leader Network Meetings: Research Reviews 

We engage with new and long-standing research papers, as part of our termly Network Meetings. As a standing item on each agenda we disseminate and discuss papers and articles, including all EEF Guidance Reports. Participants then use this information: in INSET and CPLD sessions that they run in their own schools; when reviewing areas of the curriculum; or when developing subject area action plans. We aim to ensure that schools around the Alliance are engaging with relevant research to employ evidence-based strategies in their schools for the benefit of all pupils.  


DfE Foundation Curriculum Research Project – linked to Workload Reduction April 2019

We are currently working with the DfE on a project that is developing a digital solution that will deliver approved, freely available national curriculum materials, initially focussed on geography, history and science.


  • our TeachFirst/NQTs/ECTs and Middle Leaders who are potential users of this curriculum material, especially NQTs and early career teachers who plan KS2 or KS3 lessons;
  • our HTs and those who make decisions relating to our schools/MAT deciding to use these KS2 materials; and
  • opinions of those involved in curriculum planning.

DfE request: 'We are especially keen to speak to people at schools where the need for approved, ready made content (that can still be adapted) is greatest, so this could be those which require improvement, are inadequate or have other characteristics pointing to a need'. 


Unity Research Project

We are working with the Unity Schools Partnership and Unity Research School on a project to improve mathematics attainment, which includes looking at evidence-based research to guide the project around meta-cognition, curriculum offer, parental engagement, problem solving and assessment.



  • SLEs: Mary Bull, Emma O'Connor and Craig Lilleyman went to Singapore with the NE London Maths Hub and Maths No Problem to research Mathematics teaching and Lesson Study. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Bruner and the CPA Approach

Amazing Manipulatives at the Singapore National Institute of Education at Nanyang Technological University!

We have two Maths Mastery Specialists working with current research groups within the Alliance:

  • Laurice Prempeh at Rosetta Primary School in Newham – affiliated to the NE London Maths Hub based at Elmhurst Primary School in Newham.
  • Amy Jenkins at Rush Green Primary School in Barking and Dagenham – affiliated to the London Thames Maths Hub.



Please see the attached links to Ofsted’s current research in to Curriculum:


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