Annabelle Greyling

Tollgate Primary school

Phone: 020 7476 1848

Key areas of expertise:

I have been in the education profession since 1996 where I have gained teaching experience in South Africa and in the UK. Eight years ago I joined Tollgate Primary School where I have entered a specialised area of teaching. Since then I have been teaching and implementing programmes for individuals with autism aged 3-11.    
In my current role I have responsibility for the provision of students with Autism, leading a team of teaching assistants across two key stages.

I have a very good working knowledge of good inclusive practice.  I trained as a practitioner using approaches appropriate for autism. I have extensive knowledge of an eclectic range of interventions and approaches used in the education of individuals with autism. More recently I have been trained to use the SCERTS Model as an educational assessment program for individuals with autism.

I carry a sound knowledge and understanding of child development which enables me to have a range of practical tips that can impact on practice quickly. I work alongside Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language therapists and has gained a good understanding of the broader elements needed to support individuals with autism.

In my role as resource provision manager and learning support teacher I understand and communicate high expectations and quality teaching and learning for all children and in specific children with ASD.

Key strengths:

  • I am a positive practitioner who works well with a team that share in having high expectations and standards for learners.
  • I am humble, patient and sensitive to the needs of others.
  • I am a hard worker and focus on getting the job done.
  • I greatly communicate and encourage others to also share in a solution focused approach when working.