Charlotte Walker

Upton Cross Primary School


Phone: 0208 552 1081

Key areas of expertise:

My area of expertise is in English. Whilst working, I gained a Master’s degree from the IOE in English Education. During my time studying I carried out a variety of research for my research project as well as my dissertation. I actually used the findings from my research to improve standards in my subject. Recognising how powerful my Masters was to my continuing professional development, I am now in my first year of my Doctorate in Education again at the IOE. My on-going research projects and readings of academic research, ensures that I stay at the forefront of my specialism.

Key strengths:

My strengths include

  • leadership of whole school developments.
  • experience of working with trainees from university as well as GTP students. 
  • grow leadership capacity in others. 
  • confident speaker as well as a good listener