Elizabeth Harris

Tollgate Primary School

Email: Elizabeth.harris@tollgate.newham.sch.uk

Phone: 0207 4761 848

Key areas of expertise:

I am an experienced inclusion manger and have worked as an advisory teacher specialising in autism.  My areas of expertise are in inclusion management and the effective inclusion of children with autism.

I have worked in the field of autism for more than ten years and studied ASD at post graduated level.  I have led on whole school initiatives and we successfully became the first mainstream school to be accredited by the national autistic society. I have also worked as a team member for the NAS when they are reviewing other schools practice.

As an inclusion manager at Tollgate primary school I have extensive experience in leading and managing support staff including learning mentors, family support workers and teaching assistants. The development training and effective deployment of staffing has a huge impact on practice and outcomes.

Over time I have developed a range of effective management tools. Theses include provision mapping, planning for intervention, training packages for staff and curriculum development.

Key strengths:

My strengths include:

  • enthusiasm
  • approachable, supportive and hardworking
  • recognition of  people’s strengths and help to build upon them.
  • good working knowledge of good inclusive practice. 
  • communicate high expectations for all children
  • a range of practical tips that can impact on practice quickly.