Lauren Matthews

Rosetta Primary School


Phone:020 7476 5308

Key areas of expertise:

I chose Early Years as my specialism at university and since then have worked in year one for two years and this is my seventh year reception. I am now FS Coordinator at Rosetta so lead a large Reception team and organise transition from nursery. Since joining the school I have implemented the new EYFS, organised a new tracking and assessment format for the new curriculum, introduced ‘Learning Journeys’ (in which all of the children’s work and observations are organised) and trained new staff in the new curriculum. I have also implemented play based learning which has been a great success. I have established ways to ensure children are aware of their learning and can move themselves forwards. I have a lot of experience in Early Years and my knowledge and understanding of this key stage is vast. We have a main feeder nursery but we also have many children that join us from a variety of outside nurseries.  I have established good links with other settings and ensured parents are involved in their child’s learning as much as possible at school. I run phonics workshops for parents and carers at the school as I have taught phonics for 9 years and have a good understanding of ‘Letters and Sounds’. Our Foundation Stage has recently received an ‘Outstanding’ grade from Ofsted.

Key strengths:

  • Knowledge of the EYFSP
  • Using data to target individuals or groups of individuals
  • Play based learning
  • Personalised learning for children
  • Enthusiastic
  • Approachable
  • High expectations
  • Outstanding classroom teacher