Nichola Curran

Carpenters Primary School

Email: nichola.curran@carpenters.newham.sch.uk

Phone:020 8534 4759

Key areas of expertise:

My key areas of expertise are around Personal Development, Behaviour and Attendance, including:

  • Developing and implementing whole school behaviour initiatives across the school; including leading the Resilience project; which have led to improved behaviour for learning across the school.
  • Improving the behaviour and resilience of individuals, and key groups of children to ensure they reach, or exceed year group expectations.
  • Supporting teachers in improving behaviour for learning within their teaching, subsequently improving progress and attainment and ensuring consistently good or better teaching and learning.
  • Developing clear policies and procedures for attendance to ensure an upward trend over 3 years.
  • Improving attendance and punctuality for individuals and key groups of children.
  • Analysis of behaviour and attendance data to plan interventions.

Key strengths:

Having worked in Newham for 16 years, I have a clear understanding of the journey and direction that schools need to strive for, as well as the challenges that teachers and leaders face.

I am a very positive and enthusiastic person and aim to bring out the best in people in a supportive, but challenging environment. I support colleagues using coaching techniques to help them identify strengths, to reflect on their own practice, to develop ideas and think about solutions to problems.

I have the skills of an outstanding practitioner and use these to lead by example, making a positive impact on others and developing colleague’s role as a teacher or leader in their continual drive for improvement. I do not shy away from difficult conversations in order to improve outcomes for all.