Sarah Malek

Davies Lane Primary School

Email: Sarah.malek@davieslane.waltham.sch.uk

Phone: 020 8536 2466

Key areas of expertise:

My keys areas of expertise are around literacy and the development of teachers including NQTs.

The development of Literacy and raising standards in writing:
I have been a key part in developing and implementing the various tools and approaches to achieve outstanding teaching and learning, attainment and enjoyment in literacy across three schools. I have assisted and led staff insets, conducted continuous peer to peer support including planning support, outstanding teaching support and assessment support; both within my school and other schools. Within these schools I have demonstrated how the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach can be utilized and implemented effectively within the literacy curriculum and how it can have a profound impact in various other areas within the curriculum.

Development of staff (including NQTS):
Coaching and developing class teachers, NQTs and middle leaders to improve practice and raise the standards of teaching and learning through various coaching methods and models.

Key strengths:

  • Raising standards of literacy through developing and implementing the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach across the school.
  • Outstanding teaching and learning across curriculum subjects.
  • Supporting and developing colleagues (including nqts) in their practice through using various coaching methods and models, to raise the standards of their teaching and learning.