Tina Georgiades

The Devonshire Hill Nursery and Primary School

Email: tina.georgiades@devonshirehill.haringey.sch.uk

Phone: 0208 808 2053

Key areas of expertise:

I have worked in education for 14 years as a classroom teacher, phase leader in Early Years and KS2 and I am currently Assistant Head of whole school Data and whole school Curriculum. I support colleagues in assessment and monitoring procedures as well as supporting teaching and learning of the school’s curriculum. I have supported colleagues in developing their own practice through CPD, coaching and team teaching. My passion for an enriched curriculum and challenging teaching environment has ensured a significant rise in children’s attainment. 

I am committed to making a difference in children’s education and lead by example ensuring the highest of expectations are set for every child by providing a rich curriculum and providing immersive and engaging learning environments. 

Key strengths:

  • I am committed to making a difference for children and families.
  • I work closely with colleagues ensuring learning is challenging and led by formative and summative assessment. 
  • I monitor data on a six weekly cycle to ensure all children are making good progress in all areas of the curriculum.